5 Ways how to earn money sitting at home

5 Ways how to earn money sitting at home – Currently, unemployment is almost at its peak, at this time almost all people are forced to look for work due to inflation. In such situation, online internet is searched more nowadays. If you don’t get work as per your wishes and want to remove your unemployment then you need to pay attention online. There are many ways to earn money available on the Internet. So today through this article we will tell you how to earn money sitting at home.

5 Ways how to earn money sitting at home
5 Ways how to earn money sitting at home
Maybe you are a responsible person, woman or student. If you really want to make money sitting at home, then don’t miss this post.

1. Earn money by making YouTube Channel

Thousands of videos are uploaded every day to this online video viewing platform. Earlier people didn’t know what is YouTube but nowadays everyone has information about YouTube. If you have watched any video on YouTube then you must have seen an advertisement on it.
Earn money by making YouTube Channel
Earn money by making YouTube Channel

Right now, most of the people like to watch videos on YouTube in their free time. If you want to make money sitting at home, you can earn money by monetizing it by creating a YouTube channel. And also through YouTube you can earn money in many ways which are as follows:

1. Selling your product

You can make your provided service accessible to people through YouTube channel video. If you are selling a product, you can urge your audience to buy the product through a video.

2. Sponsor Video (Sponsor Video)

When there are more subscribers on your YouTube channel and more views start coming to your YouTube channel. Then many big companies will ask you to make a sponsor video, and after the company promotion, you will be given a large amount as a company bonus. Through which you can earn a substantial income sitting at home.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Like, you can also earn money by joining the Affiliate Program on your blog and website. Similarly, affiliate marketing can also be done from the YouTube channel. If you want, you can give a link to Affiliate Marketing in the description of each of your videos, through this you can also earn good money.

4.Google AdSense

You can use Google AdSense to monetize your YouTube channel. You can apply for AdSense approval when your YouTube channel’s 4,000 viewing hours are up. After that, you are given AdSense Approval after channel review. You can earn money through your YouTube channel by running Google AdSense ads.

   2. Earn income sitting at home with the Refer and Earn program

To increase the number of users on their apps and websites many apps run their Refer and Earn program under which you have to get your friend or any user to join that app/website with your referral link and in return , they will give you some money for commission.
Refer and Earn program
Refer and Earn program

You can withdraw this money at any time. If you have groups on WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram, etc. who have a lot of members, then you can earn a lot of money with this Refer and Earn program.
To join the most famous referral program in India, you can earn money from home by opening your account on these trusted websites and apps:

Trust Partner Program

  1. cashkaro
  2. WinZO Superstar (₹50/Referral | ₹50 registration cash)
  3. swagbucks
  4. Zupee Gold App
  5. CPA Lead Network

How much can I earn per referral?

If we talk about Upstox, then it gives 200-500 rupees for each invite and the same WinZO game pays up to 40-80 rupees for each referral. Along with this, it also offers a free signup bonus.

3. Make money by reselling businesses

When we buy goods and sell them at a higher price than our purchase price by adding a commission, this process is called Reselling. At present this method is more famous in our India because in this way people earn a lot of income per month. Right now, there is an online age, so there is no need to go anywhere in this process.
reselling businesses
reselling businesses

You can resell sitting at home using different platforms. Like Meesho App, the company has started doing forwarding operations. By using it, people can earn good money and through this, women sitting at home can also earn by reselling 20 to 25000 per month. Most of the women earn good money in Meeso selling any item made by their hands at home.
There are some applications of this type from which you can go back to surfing sitting at home:
  1. meesho app
  2. Shop101 App
  3. GlowRoad App

4. Earn money with Instagram Reels

Instagram is a social media platform. Where we share photos and videos with friends is true. There have come many different ways to earn money online, one of which is how you can earn money through Instagram Reels. These days, most people spend most of their time on social media.
In which Instagram is a popular social network, which gives everyone the facility to make reels, in this anyone can make reels and does not have to deposit money.
Earn money with Instagram Reels
Earn money with Instagram Reels

With the Instagram Reels method, you can become not only money but also famous. Right now almost everyone on Instagram is doing Reels and the number of people watching Reels is also increasing day by day. So right now this method is a good way to earn money sitting at home and it can also gain popularity.
There are many ways to earn money sitting at home on Instagram, of which we tell you some easy ways:
  • Through a sponsored post
  • By tagging a profile in your news post.
  • By promoting the brand.
  • By selling your product.
  • Putting other content on your IG story.

5. Make money from stock market

   You can invest money in a company through the stock market. And you can become a partner of that company, for this we need a Demat Account. We can do it online at home for free.
make money from stock market
make money from stock market

You can trend and invest in the stock market by opening your free Demat account at these 5 best discount brokers in India.
  1.    Spain
  2.    growth app
  3.    angel one
  4.    Zerodha
  5.    Corridor 5Paisa
We use different methods to earn money sitting at home. At present, the process of earning money in the Stock Market is going very fast. And at the same time, it is also becoming popular, if you have some knowledge about it, you can earn good money from it. We know that when the stock market starts, the price of almost every company goes up and down until the stock market closes.
When the stock price of such a company goes down, after analyzing it, it is known that its price should go up, so people buy it. And then they also send it until the market closes, so they profit on daily stock trading and earn a nice amount per month as well.

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