Louisiana Greenlights Fourth SNAP Benefits Program – Around $150 Allocated

Discover if you’re eligible for additional funds with your SNAP benefits in Louisiana. Families with children enrolled in school may now receive extra financial aid through the Department of Children and Family Services in Louisiana.

This assistance comes in the form of a Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer check, or P-EBT, specifically designated for qualifying children during the current academic year.

Therefore, students attending school in 2022-2023 are poised to receive supplemental SNAP funds, with disbursements likely scheduled for early May.

Eligible children will find their allocated amounts loaded onto their household EBT cards. It’s worth noting that not all students will be eligible for this supplement.

This additional support is exclusively reserved for children in grades K-12, in accordance with SNAP eligibility guidelines. In addition to the P-EBT check, there may also be extra assistance available during the summer months.

Keep in mind that any summer and childcare benefits will be allocated solely to those who meet the eligibility criteria.

How Many Children in Louisiana Have Benefited from this Additional SNAP Aid?

A commendable total of over 1.2 million children have received P-EBT benefits on their SNAP cards. Louisiana has consistently provided this support for four consecutive years, reflecting their ongoing commitment to combating hunger and food insecurity among children.

According to the Department of Children and Family Services, they have invested over $1.4 billion in these crucial SNAP supplements. As a parent, you might be curious about your child’s eligibility.

Rest assured, DCFS and schools take charge of eligibility assessments and applications, often alleviating the need for you to apply directly.

What Are the Two Criteria for Children to Qualify for P-EBT?

Firstly, your children must have a valid application for free or reduced-price meals approved under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Secondly,

their school must be closed for at least five consecutive days, during which they do not receive any meals – whether free or reduced – on-site. Reduced hours or attendance for five consecutive days may also qualify for P-EBT benefits.

It’s important to note that students engaged in virtual learning within a physical school environment are automatically considered without the need for a separate application. The school will handle the eligibility assessment and application process.

Upon confirming your children’s eligibility, the school will promptly notify DCFS, which will then release the corresponding SNAP amount. Remember that the supplement may not cover all your family’s food needs, so don’t hesitate to contact DCFS for further guidance.

They can provide information on food pantries, the WIC program, and other available resources. Depending on the duration, the supplement may range from a maximum of $147.24 for over three days, to $24.54 for three days or less.

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