Boost in Social Security Benefits for Widow(er)s: 2024 COLA Unveils Surprising Changes

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has rolled out significant alterations benefiting various beneficiaries, and the 2024 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) promises to be a game-changer for widows and widowers.

The SSA customarily updates benefit amounts annually in tandem with inflation. Although the 2024 COLA figure was released on October 12, beneficiaries must patiently await until January for their increased payments to take effect.

Thanks to the 2024 COLA, all Americans receiving Social Security benefits are slated to enjoy a 3.2% upswing. This adjustment is crucial, particularly for those with the most modest benefits, as it cushions against the erosion of purchasing power.

The spike in prices throughout 2022 and their sustained elevation in 2023 underscore the necessity for this augmentation.

For countless seniors, this translates to a substantial bump in their monthly payouts. However, it’s inevitable that they’ll draw comparisons between the upcoming 2024 COLA and its predecessor. While such comparisons may be irksome, they remain an inescapable reality.

In 2023, beneficiaries witnessed a robust 8.7% augmentation, which is set to be succeeded by a 3.2% increase in 2024.


The 2024 COLA extends its benefits universally across all Social Security recipients. This signifies that if you’re receiving benefits based on your late spouse’s record, you can anticipate a parallel 3.2% elevation.

Wallet with SSA card and dollars to discuss the amplified survivor benefits for widows and widowers due to the 2024 COLA. Widows and widowers receiving survivor benefits will see a 3.2% uptick in their monthly payouts due to the 2024 COLA.

For recent widows and widowers, seizing the opportunity to claim survivor benefits is paramount. Of course, it’s contingent on your departed spouse’s employment history and tax contributions.

Those meeting the eligibility criteria will stand to gain from the 2024 COLA enhancement. Typically, eligibility starts at 60 years of age, though exceptions apply for those with qualifying disabilities at 50.

Even if you’re divorced, you may still qualify for survivor benefits. You can easily verify your eligibility on the SSA website, and the application process can be conveniently completed online, eliminating the need for a visit to the Social Security office.

As of September 2023, the average disbursement for widows and widowers stands at approximately $1,716.41, according to SSA reports. If you find the application process challenging, do not hesitate to seek assistance in filing. The 2024 COLA promises to further bolster your monthly stipend, providing even more financial security.

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